Instant Computer Services

INSTANT COMPUTER SERVICES (ICS), established in 2000, believes that there is a great need for providing quality sustained services in IT planning, execution and technical support to clients at various levels. ICS provides reliable quality Product Solutions and Services related to Laptops, Desktops, Printers, Scanners, Servers, UPSs, Security Products, Presentation Equipment and Survey Equipment etc.
ICS also works in repairing and accessories circle of IT products. It provides systems hardware, software maintenance services, networking, troubleshooting, installation of modern networking hardware, sells licensed utility, operating, antivirus and office software along with branded laptops and desktop computers fully supported by local and international applicable warranties. To ensure peace of mind of our valuable clients, we also provide a complimentary backupservice on all our installations, for a period of 30 operational days.

Mission and Vission

ICS’s vision and mission have held to a core idea for lastn 10 years – that we can create a better world through using resources and energy more efficiently in I.T. industry while maintaining strict quality measures and ensuring customers satisfaction.

Organization and Management

ICS has been formed in a manner to best utilize resources. Work responsibilities are divided by specialty and expertise. While ICSy has assigned administrative and overall management responsibility to small team at the top, most decision are taken following a full discussion and participation of the principal partners of the business. In line with ICS’s policy, all employees given an opportunity to present their views in major policy decision. Briefly, ICS believes in a participatory approach towards its operations and management. There is, nevertheless, no compromise on the quality of its operations. ICS emphasizes on performance of its personnel and a mature and professional approach towards work performance and services to the client.

Our Team

ICS comprises of a team of highly talented and dedicated professionals with diverse technical skills in all major areas of software Development. Our expertise and experience in this field is backed by a technical squad of more than twenty professionals. We believe in quality work comparable to international standards. Therefore, we keep our professionals abreast tools and technologies through continuous training.
  • MCS/M. Sc (Computer Science)

  • Engineers

  • M.Sc. (Applied Science)

  • Hardware Engineer

  • Networking and Communication Engineers

  • MBA (HRM)